Propeller prototype for an amphibious vehicle

The development of 3D printing technology opens new possibilities in the design and production of complex components.

At Spes3D, we utilize HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology to create precise and functional parts.

One of our current projects, a propeller for an amphibious vehicle, exemplifies the efficiency and durability achievable with additive technology.

We encourage you to discover the details of the project!

From idea to prototype

The client approached us with an unusual task – to create a prototype propeller specifically designed for an amphibian vehicle.
This component had to be precise and, above all, exceptionally durable to cope with the challenging conditions of the aquatic environment.

Firstly, our team needed to understand the specific requirements of the client. Amphibious vehicles require components that can function both on land and in water, hence, the design of the propeller began with a detailed analysis of the working environment.
Next, our engineers proceeded to design the component with optimal propeller geometry for PA12 material, all to meet the Client’s requirements.
The final stage involved printing the component using MJF technology, post-processing, and quality control.


Create a prototype of a propeller.
The prototype must be characterized by precision, durability, and functionality in challenging aquatic environments.



  • Functional prototype tested in real conditions.
  • Component Price: 10% of the cost of a traditional equivalent.

Why HP Multi Jet Fusion technology?

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is one of the most advanced methods of 3D printing. In this process, the material is printed based on a powder that is gradually hardened using thermal energy and binding agents applied by the printing head.

MJF technology allows for achieving exceptional quality and accuracy (with component thicknesses from as little as 0.5 mm), which is why parts printed using it not only exhibit durability but also high precision, crucial for applications in challenging environmental conditions.

Our prototype in action!

After printing the propeller prototype, the client proceeded with tests that demonstrated excellent functional properties both on land and in water. In summary, the propeller met all expectations, confirming the high quality and durability of the printed component.

Finally, we invite you to watch the client’s project tests using our prototype:

Print your dreams

As a team of experts in design, 3D printing and CNC machining, we offer a personalized approach to our clients’ needs.

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You do not need knowledge of specialized software. Handwritten sketches and inspiration are enough for us. Our specialists will prepare appropriate designs and files according to your guidelines.

We will advise improvements, select technology, prepare prototypes. We will refine every detail.